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Size Inclusivity in the Equestrian World

In the spring of 2013, my equestrian life was in a better place than it had ever been. I had a new horse, a young off the track Thoroughbred that loved his job and learned quickly. I had a patient trainer who held my hand through fears and anxieties until I was brave enough to jump around a course competently. I had a good job with a salary that could afford luxuries like extra lessons and horse shows, and I had a packed show schedule ahead of me with great options in the town that I lived in. The problem? I also had about forty extra pounds.

At the time where everything finally clicked in the horse-trainer-budget trifecta, I was the heaviest I had ever been. And after years of bad matches, injuries and inconsistent riding, I was desperate to get back into the show ring. The choice to overcome my insecurities to compete in the sport that I loved was an easy one, but finding apparel to wear for competition was not.

A blend of personal narrative and retail showcase for businesses offering plus size equestrian clothing. One of the first body positivity themed posts in equestrian media. Published at The Plaid Horse magazine, September 2018