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Rönner Design Blends Family, Color and Class into Equestrian Fashion

Three intelligent, creative women walk into a barn — it’s not the start of a joke, but instead the formation of a global fashion brand, Rönner Design. When driven women put their minds to something, nothing can stop them and the Rönner ladies are no different. Utilizing their unique blend of talents and style, mother Ines Rönner Stellabati and her daughters, Carin and Jessica, form a trio of entrepreneurs creating a splash in the global market with their company, Rönner Design.

Though the company is based out of Bogotá, Colombia, Rönner Design carries influence that extends further than South America. Ines was originally born in Colombia, but moved back to Germany as a young baby with her parents. Growing up in Europe, she became an accomplished dressage rider, earning her bronze medal and top honors in Germany.

However, her South American roots continued to intrigue her. “My only connections to Colombia were the stories my mother told me,” Ines explained. When she was 22, she decided to live out some of those stories for herself and booked a trip back to the country where she was born. “I was curious and wanted some adventure, so I planned a three-month trip to Colombia. That three months turned into 35 years.”

Family business spotlight to showcase exceptional fashion in the equestrian industry. Published at Sidelines Magazine. Read entire article.