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Grafton Ridge: Michael DelFiandra and Vanessa Roman Build a Positive Team for Every Kind of Rider

How do you feel when you enter the ring at a horse show? Worried about the two stride that looks a little long, or concerned about keeping your green horse from bulging by the judge’s stand? Anxious about all the eyes watching, your family that drove in special for the Sunday medal. Scared you’ll disappoint your trainer, that you’ll fail to be perfect.

How do you want to feel? Determined to add a little more leg through the combination, and prepared for some wiggly, baby horse moments? Focused on the task at hand—finding eight jumps as best as you can—with the knowledge that your family, barn and otherwise, will high five you after your course no matter what the outcome. Assured, knowing your trainer will calmly discuss your rounds after, even if you have a bobble, and that a “perfect” trip is only a series of good moments. At Grafton Ridge LLC, trainers Michael DelFiandra and Vanessa Roman have combined forces to ensure that their riders walk into the ring with the knowledge they belong and are prepared to compete with the best.

Trainer showcase to announce a new business partnership. Strong focus on mental health and coaching within the equestrian industry. Published in The Plaid Horse magazine, August 2019. Read entire article