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The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself is a Trainer Who Believes in You

“I think if I can put it all together, he has a chance to do okay in the hunters,” I said while I hopped off my free Thoroughbred. He’s got sticky changes, a need for speed and extremely questionable hocks. I had long ago decided that we’d stay in the hunter ring because it was where I felt happiest, but knew we didn’t stand a chance against Warmbloods and nicer horses. “There’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to pin in the middle of the pack with a decent trip,” I added.

“How about winning?” she replied. “There is no reason this horse can’t win.”

That’s when I realized that my trainer believed in me and my horse before I did.

See, riding has never exactly been easy for me. I’ve been significantly overweight my entire equestrian career. I have extreme trust issues, and get scared easily. Plus, I’ve racked up years of bad habits from riding on my own in my early 20’s. My horse, Simon, wins people over with his personality and heart, but historically he’s not been the kind of creature that turns heads at the horse show. He’s the horse you call cute, but not fancy.

Feel good piece about believing yourself, and being surrounded by people that do as well. Published online at The Plaid Horse blog, and top performing post of 2018. Read entire article.