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Be Well Turned Out with Arista Equestrian


Street clothing designs mimic equestrian style season after season for a reason—we’re a fashionable group. But what do riders need in their apparel? Clothes have to be comfortable, durable for long days at the barn. The most brilliant shirt doesn’t mean anything to a trainer if it’s snagged by the time she hops on her third horse. However, just because we need our clothes to withstand the test of the barn doesn’t mean we’re willing to sacrifice on design.

Hunter/jumper riders in particular have a third element we want in our apparel—a look that compliments, versus clashes, with our horse. We love classic style, subtle colors and fashion reminiscent of the roots of our sport. Arista Equestrian, with their stylish schooling tops, show apparel and outerwear hits all these requirements for the discerning rider.

Fashion profile for company looking for exposure in different equestrian riding disciplines. Published in The Plaid Horse magazine, September 2019. Read entire article.