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On a Budget? You Need the TackHack.

Working adult amateurs bond over many things, like battling nerves at the horse show and deciding how to best reward our saintly horses. But another thing many of us have in common is trying to make this equestrian dream work on a budget. New shoes, chiropractor visits, hauling to horse shows – it all adds up. Let’s face it, we spend most of our disposable income on riding. And we’re fine with that, but it can be a struggle.

Equestrians, horse poor adult amateurs included, tend to have good taste. We like nice horses, and nice things to go with them. When a lot of your paycheck goes straight to the barn, finding quality goods for ourselves requires some creativity. While we might head to Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx for our work attire, where do we go to source tack and riding apparel at a discount? Sure, there are sales groups on social media, but those can get frustrating for buyers and sellers alike; you never fully know what you’re getting. In the equestrian world, where a lot of people have deep pocketbooks, it can seem like budget-minded riders have limited options.

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