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Marketing Producer at KingsIsle Entertainment

The point person for design, UI/UX, SEO and content on a small marketing team, I re-designed the web user interface for players, developed holiday content for special events, led creative for e-mail marketing, started the corporate blog, and raised the level of interaction with our audience through engaging design and content.

12 Days of the Spiral

The biggest seasonal event of the year, I conceptualized “The 12 Days of the Spiral.” It was the first major holiday promotion we ran as a marketing team, and I worked with product marketing to develop promotions, player contests, social media features like special holiday videos, new product releases and more. Using a concept similar to an advent calendar, each holiday season, over 20+ million registered players would return to the special calendar landing page each day to see what the day’s exciting reveal was. In addition to planning and implementation, I created all the web and graphic design elements. It was our most-hyped player event every year.

KingsIsle Accounts

Before my tenure at KingsIsle, they had a complicated system of connected or “family” accounts that led to many complaints for customer service. Players found it confusing to move premium currency between linked accounts, and it was easy for young players to skirt parental controls and put themselves in an unsafe gaming situation. Working closely with the web development team, I led a UX focused approach to the re-design through wireframes, user testing and cross-department communication. In addition to cleaning up the intricate web controls, we also re-designed the shopping cart. This re-design linked both MMO games, special bundles, premium currency and monthly subscription plans for a one-stop shop for all MMO players.

Marketing Product Copywriting

For each new product launch, special event, sale and promotion, I wrote the marketing copy across the website, game launcher, and assisted with social media. This included the daily “Ravenwood News,” which acted as a bulletin board to players for timely updates, as well as elaborate storytelling for special game items and world launches.

A highlight each year was the April Fool’s game item, designed to be comical and tongue in cheek. To match the silly holiday, I wrote sarcastic, comical copy with satirical “reviews.”

KingsIsle Corporate Blog

I created, wrote and managed the editorial calendar for the KingsIsle Blog from June 2013 – August 2017. Content included game tips, behind the scenes, sneak peeks, community fan art and more.