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Impressive Results From an Inclusive Facility: Millennium Farm Offers Something For Everyone

When you walk through a horse show, you weave through a wide sampling of equestrians. Some are born into it, growing up on perfectly turned out, fancy ponies. Others have clawed their way to get there, hitting the dirt off of problem horses and scraping pennies together to afford the fees. But in the ring, we’re all there together no matter where you come from, and nobody knows that better than Sue and Katie Leverick of Millennium Farm in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.

Like many trainers in our sport today, Sue and Katie grew up on the back of a horse… but the saddle looked a little bit different. As a kid, Sue rode western and did barrel racing and pole bending speed events. Later she started riding English and taught up down lessons for extra cash.  It wasn’t until her daughter, Katie, started riding that Sue sharpened her focus on the hunter/jumper circuit. “I attended a lot of clinics, found mentors that would help me and began piecing it together,” she said of her quest for more education. “Using a lot of what I learned as a kid in the riding school of hard knocks, I took the guidance and combined it all to develop into a program.”

Barn profile written on Chicago based facility, Millennium Farm, to increase exposure, showcase facilities and trainers to new clients, and prove that self-made equestrians are possible in an expensive sport. Published with The Plaid Horse magazine, September 2018. Read entire article