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Country Music & Mustangs: An Iconic Pairing of the American West – Lacy J. Dalton Uses Her Talents to Help the American Mustang

With song lyrics about cowboys and mustangs, a love of horses is an organic complement to Lacy’s musical passions. “When I first saw a horse, it was the most beautiful thing in the world to me,” she said. Her sister had a riding stable and competed in barrel racing, but Lacy herself prefers a more relaxed setting for riding. “I like to take a horse and my dog and go out into the wilderness and interact with the animals,” she said about trail riding. “When you’re on the back of a horse, you get to see a lot more wildlife.”

Perhaps it’s Lacy’s original fascination with wildlife that enthralled her with the wild horses of the American West. After all, it was their beauty and mystery that originally led her to settle in Nevada. After playing intense shows in Reno’s casinos, Lacy would head up to Virginia City to visit friends and relax after touring. On one of those early evenings with golden light spreading from the sunset, Lacy relaxed with a friend and a cup of tea and heard a strange sound coming from outside. She went out to the front porch to investigate, and saw a little band of wild horses walking up East Street. “I knew right then,” she reflected. “If these horses can be here and be wild and free, maybe I can too.”

Feature on Lacy J Dalton, famed country singer, and her nonprofit organization which helps protect America’s wild horses. Published with Sidelines Magazine. Read Entire Article.