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Benefab®by Sore-No-More®: Bringing Eastern Medicine to Your Barn

“No” isn’t a word that stops Kat Chrysostom, owner and designer of Benefab®. It didn’t stop her from beginning riding lessons on her 4th birthday, even though the barn’s official starting age was five, and it didn’t stop her when a riding accident fractured her C2 vertebrae.

“I spent a little over three months in a halo traction device… bedridden for most of those three months, and in an out of paralysis. My right side was immobile,” Chrysostom said about her injuries from that fall. When these symptoms, plus excruciating migraines, lingered long after the halo device was removed, a neurosurgeon from Dartmouth College suggested she try a holistic approach – infrared light therapy.

Business feature written to showcase entrepreneur Kat Chrysostom’s story of overcoming a horrific accident to build her company, Benefab. Incorporates personal narrative and innovative research regarding ceramic fabrics. Published in The Plaid Horse Magazine, October 2017. Read entire article