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A Creative Storyteller for the Digital Marketplace

Lauren Mauldin is a writer, editor, content creator and animal lover. Her writing has appeared in The Los Angeles TimesThe Plaid HorseSidelines News, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and other publications.

Earning her bachelor’s degree at North Carolina State University, she earned an MFA in creative nonfiction at the University of California Riverside. With over ten years of experience in digital content, Lauren has completed a wide array of projects in e-commerce, gaming and media. A well rounded creative, she has expertise in graphic design, front-end development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, UI/UX design, photography, and writing for a variety of platforms.

Growing up in North Carolina, Lauren has lived all over the country and now considers herself an honorary Texan. A lifelong equestrian, she currently a senior editor at The Plaid Horse magazine.

What People Are Saying

Erin Post
Managing Editor / Mud Season Review

On Narrative Nonfiction

In a voice that’s confident and wry, she weaves a compelling story while tackling head-on misguided societal expectations around weight. Nonfiction co-editor Julie Patterson said she appreciated Mauldin’s 'ability to share honest stories of hurt without portraying herself as a victim.' Her writing asks important questions while never losing its humanity.

Ryan Daniels
Senior Director, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing / Aquasana

On Marketing Content

Lauren excels at creating content, but even more importantly, she has the unique ability to tailor that content to her specific target audience to deliver on the key messages. On the web design side, Lauren is creative, efficient and has a great eye for UI design. She pairs those skills with a strategic marketing mindset that allows her to drive business results while showcasing her top-notch visual design.

Jess Clawson
Podcast Director / The Plaid Horse

On Editing

Lauren is everything an editor should be: responsive, encouraging, and a great teacher. I've submitted dozens of pieces to Lauren, and I always learn something from her feedback. She has a talent for cultivating new writers. I've seen The Plaid Horse grow in all the best ways under her leadership.

Mud Season Review Interviews Lauren Mauldin

  • Interview with Mud Season Review Nonfiction co-editor Julie Patterson recently had this exchange with Issue #43 featured nonfiction writer Lauren Mauldin. Here’s what Lauren had to say about writing through loss and addiction, her experience as an MFA student, how maintaining a blog helped find her voice, and more… Read Interview at Mud Season Review