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Lauren Mauldin is a creative nonfiction MFA candidate at the University of California Riverside, and editor at The Plaid Horse magazine. She has recently completed her first book, Animalistic, a memoir about losing her husband to an opiate overdose when she was thirty-years-old.


“Grief Bacon: Pressuring Myself” at Modern Loss

Migraines run in my family. Growing up, they were the only ailment that ever forced my mother out of commission. She’d power through a stomach bug or cold, but the migraine’s white, popping focal auras and drilling pain forced her to retreat to her bedroom. Door shut. Lights off. My brother and I knew to leave her…Read more


“The Colors of His Addiction” at the Los Angeles Times

The first time I saved my husband’s life, his face was the color of saturated denim. I found him curled on the floor, body fighting itself. Limbs constricted, shoulders twitching, he snorted desperately as his lungs gasped for oxygen.

I yelled his name, shook his arm, slapped his face. The sputtering sound came less…Read more